IPL 2016: We are still in the title hunt, says KXIP’s captain David Miller

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By: PTI | Hyderabad | Published:April 24, 2016 3:53 pm
SRH vs KXIP, KXIP vs SRH, Hyderabad vs Punjab, Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kings XI Punjab, Punjab vs Hyderabad, Kings XI Punjab vs Sunrisers Hyderabad, David Miller, Miller, Glenn Maxwell, Maxwell, IPL 2016, IPL, IPL Kings XI Punjab, Cricket David Miller hopes that KXIP will be able to make turnaround in its upcoming matches. (Source: BCCI/IPL)

They might be at the bottom of the heap but Kings XI Punjab skipper David Miller feels his team is still in the hunt in the ongoing Indian Premier League.

“…we have got another nine games. In this tournament, even if you are down and out, you stay for the whole tournament. But, I believe that we are a great squad, a great mix of players. We are definitely in the hunt. I believe 100 per cent,” he said in the post-match press conference after KXIP lost to Sunrisers Hyderabad by five wickets on Saturday night.

KXIP is currently languishing at the bottom of the points table with only two points coming its way from five matches.

“Disappointing with the bat… David Warner (who made a substantial 59 runs) batted really well. Obviously, he got the team away to a great start. But, I am really proud of the, with the fightback. That’s something, may be, we were lacking in the last couple of games. But, that little spark is back,” Miller said.

KXIP’s key player Glenn Maxwell may have been struggling with his form, but Miller said there are positives to be drawn from the performance of new players such as Nikhil Nayak and Axar Patel.

“I don’t think it’s a worry at all. He (Maxwell) is a match winner. He changed games in the past from absolutely no where. Unfortunately, it has not gone his way. That happens in cricket. But, there have been some positives…some new guys came in today. Nikhil (Nayak) batted very, very well. Axar Patel put up his hand in the bat, put a decent score on the board from where we were,” he said.

He hoped that the team would be able to make turnaround in its upcoming matches.


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