Toyota Fortuner 2016 showcased at Bangkok International Motor Show; India launch in 2017

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Toyota Fortuner 2016 India Besides the new platform, the 2016 Toyota Fortuner also receives an all-new design

The India-bound new-generation Toyota Fortuner (2016) has been put on display at the ongoing Bangkok International Motor Show. Already on sale in several markets, the vehicle is expected to enter India in the year 2017.

The new Toyota Fortuner is based on an all-new platform called TNGA which stands for 'Toyota new-generation Architecture'. The new platform is claimed to be stiffer yet lighter than the current-gen model's platform, which improves the vehicle's ride and handling. The same platform will also underpin the soon-to-be-launched new-generation Toyota Innova.

Besides the new platform, the 2016 Toyota Fortuner also receives an all-new design. With elements such as projector headlights with LED, chrome-surrounded fog lights, a new dual-slat grille and a new bumper with integrated reflectors. The vehicle's rear profile also looks better than before with new taillight cluster with LED elements, wrap-around windscreen, new bumper and few other changes. With a more proportioned design and a new set of 18-inch alloys, the side profile too looks sportier than the current model.

Measuring 4,795mm in length, 1,835mm in height, 1,855 in width and with a wheelbase of 2,475mm, the Toyota Fortuner 2016 is bigger and more spacious than before. It also gets 5mm more ground clearance at 225mm.

The model coming to India is expected to be offered with two all new diesel powertrains - 2.4-litre GD and 2.8-litre GD. Both the engines come with Variable Geometry Turbochargers (VGT) and Economy with Superior Thermal Efficient Combustion (ESTEC).

With more features, better quality material and bigger dimensions, the new Toyota Fortuner 2016 could be a tad pricier than the current model.


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